PLEASE, DOCTOR by Serena Yates

PLEASE, DOCTOR by Serena Yates
Please, Doctor
by Serena Yates

Published by Totally Bound Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

It is difficult for Patrick McNeill to tell anyone what excites him sexually.  How do you tell a prospective new boyfriend that doctors, white coats, and stethoscopes heat you up?  Given a business card to a medical clinic Patrick thinks he’s going there for help with his problem unaware that the ‘clinic’ in question is actually a fetish club.  Patrick will never forget this day.

Please, Doctor brings sexual satisfaction and a new love in equal measure.  Patrick’s quirk or fetish makes it difficult for him to find someone of his own.  Though Please, Doctor is not your typical sexy tale, Patrick finds happiness in the best possible way.  Lightly touching on a medical fetish, Please, Doctor proves that there’s someone for everyone in the best possible way.

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