THE PLUMBER by Serena Yates

THE PLUMBER by Serena Yates
The Plumber
by Serena Yates

Series: Workplace Encounters #9
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Privilege and wealth meant little to Steve Hayes, who left the restrictive ties his family held to become a social worker. His career choice infuriated his parents who then turned their back on him. It saddened Steve greatly that his younger siblings chose money over acknowledging their brother, especially as he was the only one who showed them love and affection.   Nowadays he’s too busy as the home manager for the Safe Home for Girls and Boys to worry about the past.


Becoming a plumber wasn’t the career choice Will Kovar’s parents wanted for their son. It caused some problems between them though eventually they thawed and accepted his decision.  Years of hard work and long hours made Will’s business Total Plumbing Solutions a success.  The downside is his lack of social life.  There aren’t enough hours in the day.


An emergency call from a children’s home has unexpected results when Will meets Steve for the first time.  The two lonely workaholics feel a connection and make an attempt to see where things can go.  As attraction evolves into something stronger negative rumors about the Home puts Steve’s future in jeopardy.  Worse, it may be that Will is involved.


Good intention and wicked dealings arise for The PlumberWorkplace Encounters offers a sweet and hot romance in the ninth story of the popular series.  Decent, honorable main characters work their lives away until love enters the picture.  A feel good, generous romance The Plumber features a heartwarming love story.  The expected villain is unmasked and the plotline is wrapped up at the very end.  Steve and Will are the heart and soul of The Plumber.

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