PORTER’S REAPER by Amber KellPorter's Reaper by Amber Kell
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

Reaper Alstair Gorman is sent by Hades, God of the Underworld, to a conference at Mayell Academy.  Believing he’s there to help choose a new Headmaster at the wizard school Alstair soon learns that Hades tricked him.  The Reaper isn’t there to pick a new leader; he’s there to compete for the position of Headmaster.


Not only is Alstair stuck in a competition he wants no part of but Hades also sent him with an assistant who distracts him.  His boss has a habit of trying to play matchmaker and it looks like he’s at it again because Porter Exton is absolutely delectable.  Hades is well aware the Reaper runs at any hint of a relationship forming.  Tricky god.


Porter is happy to help Alstair in any way he can.  He’s not very magically powerful though he will do what he can for the Reaper.  Some alone time with Alstair would be wonderful while they’re at the Academy too. But more importantly he’s glad he’s going because he was murdered at Mayell and Porter is eager to find his killer and exact a little revenge of his own.


So, Alstair doesn’t want to be there.  Porter can’t wait to get there.  And meanwhile, someone’s killing off the competition.  Mayell Academy is certainly popular these days.


Book five in the wildly popular A Wizard’s Touch series kicks off in the Underworld with Porter’s Reaper.  The seriousness of Hell and the intrigue on the wizard’s campus balances nicely with the characters’ humor and romance.  Alstair is taciturn and stoic, whereas Porter is sweet and naïve, an enigma with charm.  Enjoy Porter’s Reaper where great chemistry and mysteries earn a grade ‘A’.

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