POWER BOTTOM? by Rowan McAllister

POWER BOTTOM? by Rowan McAllisterPower Bottom? by Rowan McAllister
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


What started out as a romantic weekend picnic for two somehow became a moment of truth followed by a breakup.  It left Adrian Walnak wondering what the hell went wrong.  He’d arranged a perfect day with his live-in boyfriend Martin, which Adrian thought went well until his car broke down and he had to brave a biker bar to call for a tow.  Getting hit on was the highlight of the weekend because when they finally got home Martin admitted that he found Adrian boring.


Years of working at Pacciano Bros. construction company as an accountant left Adrian with a solid sense of order, money in the bank, and a less than exciting lifestyle.  Apparently, Martin liked the financial aspect of their relationship much more than their sex life.


Riding the emotional highs and lows of his breakup Adrian gets himself worked up and drives back to the bar and the stranger who offered a drink the following weekend.  His rash decision works in Adrian’s favor as he and Wyatt Everett immediately hit it off.  As the weeks pass Adrian continues to see Wyatt and meets him at a small motel.  It’s completely out of character for the accountant, yet he’s having the time of his life with the sexy biker.


Great sex on the weekends and strange goings on at work has become Adrian’s life for some crazy reason.  It’s beginning to feel like everything is out of his control.  The last straw for Adrian is when Wyatt reveals his true identity quickly followed by goons chasing them through the woods and Feds at Adrian’s door.  Talk about a change of lifestyle.


A staid existence evolves into a whirlwind that never seems to end in Power Bottom?  Nice guy Adrian hears a less than glowing personal critique which proves the impetus for a major change in this humorous drama.  Lover Wyatt has his own issues to deal with, but he’s the absolute best person for the fragile, insecure accountant.  Their chemistry is both spirited and lusty.  Problems at work for Adrian possibly twist with Wyatt’s past, which brings another dimension to the plotline.  Thoroughly entertaining, enjoy Power Bottom? This is an all around skillful blend of love and mayhem.

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