Predator and Prey
by M. D. Grimm

Series: The Shifters #9
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Four scrolls with the power to end shifters around the world are entrusted to immortals for protection.  When two of the scrolls are dropped into the depths of the seas the immortal Crusea charges ocean shifters with their care.


Vietnam vet Digger Sullivan and the crew of the Sea Hag hunt for sunken treasure throughout the world.  Recently Digger accepted a commission from a wealthy heiress to extract treasure from a ship sunk near Florida.  So far they’ve successfully unearthed several pieces, including a strange cylinder which they are unable to open.


Various shifter clans take turns guarding the scrolls.  Reef and his small clan of shark shifters are currently on duty to keep the powerful weapons out of human hands.  Knowing that the human captain has found one of the scrolls Reef does some fast thinking, shifts and pretends he’s adrift after his small boat sank.


After rescuing the man with the questionable story Digger isn’t sure what to make of the sexy stranger.  It’s been more years than he cares to remember since Digger’s felt anything for another, yet Reef immediately sends his libido soaring.  Reef is well aware he needs to grab the scroll and disappear, the sooner the better.  He can’t leave however without tasting the captain at least once or twice or more.


A desperate adventure unfolds in Predator and Prey the ninth book in The Shifters series.  The unlikely love between Digger and Reef works because the two are willing to fight for their feelings.  Gruff, taciturn Digger meets his match in an intelligent, yet naïve shark shifter. Predator and Prey allows a sensual romance to blossom, but in the meantime readers can feel the dark storm brewing.

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