Predator's Claim
by Rosanna Leo

Series: Gemini Island Shifters #4
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Bart Cairo has lusted for and then loved Charlotte Moffatt.  Until recently Charlotte worked at the same Ursa Fishing Lodge on Gemini Island that he does.  Now Bart has been going slowly insane with Charlotte gone finishing her degree believing he has lost his mate forever.  But it seems Bart will be busier than ever with all the things that will need his attention in the immediate future: his job as head of security at the lodge,  his crazy family is showing up for a family reunion and Charlotte is coming back to work for a few weeks to work on her newest job.  Bart is determined that this time he will have his mate no matter what else needs his attention.


Charlotte not only gained her degree in quick time but also was given the job as an adjunct professor – something that just never happens.  Knowing she needs to prepare for the new job, she arranges to go back to the lodge to see old friends and get ready for the new school year.  Coming back to the Island also means seeing the one man who drives her crazy in more than one way.  Hoping to not give into her lust for Bart, Charlotte is bringing her latest lover with her but is this the wisest move?


Bart is furious when he sees Charlotte and the male step off the boat and yet not even that stops him for wanting Charlotte until he has trouble controlling his wolf.  All of this just as his family descends on the island.  Bart is about to get an even bigger shock – his father is stepping down as alpha of their pack and Bart is being put in his place.  Bart might not think he is the best person to be alpha but even Charlotte knows that Bart will be the best alpha ever – they just have to convince him of it.  Just as Charlotte and Bart discover that their lust might have been a deep seated love and that they really are true mates, danger comes to the island and Bart’s family.  It seems that not all members of the pack are happy with both the old and new alphas.  Bart isn’t about to let anyone harm his immediate family members or his mate – even if it means fighting a member of his pack.


It will take the perfect combination of love and trust to bring a certain free spirit and a dour security chief together in Predator’s Claim.  Charlotte had no intentions to ever becoming mated and settling down, yet Bart had known for years that his mate was living on the same small island as him.  I had to cheer for Bart because he seemed like such an underdog, yet once he decided his course of action there was no stopping him from claiming Charlotte as his own.  I also loved how Charlotte became Bart’s biggest cheerleader once she accepted what had always been right in front of her.  The danger seemed to come from several areas at once and when all the answers came out, I learned why.  I wasn’t surprised at all that Bart and Charlotte proved they were a true team as they conquered all the evil coming their way.  Predator’s Claim is a suspense filled story with the perfect touch of humor, passion and friendship that shows just why fate is always right.

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