Predator's Refuge
by Rosanna Leo

Series: Gemini Island Shifters #3
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Marci Lennox is a Lynx shifter with a serious problem.  Her Lynx is in the mood to mate and is getting pretty fiesty about it, while Marci just wants to do her job at Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort the best she can.  That does not mean thinking any new unattached male is a possible mate and that she should try them out.  When Marci is given the chance to become the assistant manager at the lodge if she runs it successfully while her boss is on vacation, Marci is more than up for the job.  That is until she meets the sexy new hire.


Anton Gaspar, a tiger shifter, is hoping to start a new life far away from his homeland and family responsibilities.  The new job doesn’t start off well when Anton mistakes Marci for just a worker and not his temporary boss when he arrives at the Ursa.  To top that off Anton can’t ignore the wonderfully seductive scent coming from Marci.  She is in heat and only Anton’s strong control is keeping him from answering that call.


Marci and Anton are able to work together and ignore the unspoken subcurrents that are traveling back and forth between them until strange attacks on the women at the lodge start happening.  Now Marci is pulling in all the help she can to find out what is going on and to protect both the workers and the resort guests and Anton is a huge help.  Suspicions are running rampant as the attacks continue and a serious case of jealousy are all dividing Marci’s attention just when she needs to be on her game.  Just when Anton and Marci finally give into their passions, a piece of Anton’s past shows up at the lodge.  Tensions are really high as Marci and Anton finally put all the clues together and discover just what a twisted mind is behind the attacks.  But have they discovered the answer fast enough to keep everyone safe?


Love found at a hunting lodge is not the only thing that keeps Marci and Anton sparking in Predator’s Refuge.  I knew that Marci was in a difficult position in her life after the last book in this series.  I really liked how hard Marci fought her inner Lynx to try and keep her heat from affecting those around her.  To me it showed just how strong and principled a woman she was, but I also loved that she knew when to accept what she felt between her and Anton.  Anton’s past horrified me as I learned all he had gone through during his life to try and protect people weaker than him.  Watching as Marci and Anton battled to keep those at the lodge safe and discover just who was behind the attacks showed me that this is one powerful couple.  Now that I know what their future is going to be, this combined strength will be a help as they go forward.  Marci and Anton’s lives were totally changed just as they discovered each other and their love.  Predator’s Refuge is fully of suspense and smoldering passions that explode in more than one way by the time the final page is turned.  A great continuation of a series I am coming to love.

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