PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 1 by Melissa Schroeder

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 1 by Melissa Schroeder
Prelude to a Rumor, Part 1
by Melissa Schroeder

Series: Harmless Preludes #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
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Sean Kaheaku is a Hawaiian spy who is one of the best at the game.  He is also an independent contractor who works for several people.  When Sean is approached for a new job, he is also given a new partner— actually, since Sean normally works alone—a partner.  She is one sexy British spy.  Sean happens to be bi-sexual and while he is more than willing to play with his new partner, first they have a job to finish, and it is a gutsy one.


Jamie Alexander has heard a lot about Sean and his reputation, both as a spy and as a lover.  She is a bit worried at first about his laid-back attitude, however, she is willing to partner with Sean on this mission.  If their instant attraction becomes anything more than a feeling, well, she will deal with that then.


Sean and Jamie have to put a listening device into the office of a private home, one that is owned by a suspected mastermind and a killer.  Both know that if they are caught, their lives will be forfeited.  Their preparation is done and tonight is the night.  They will either have the chance to explore the passion that is just simmering around them, or they will die tonight.  The question is which way will it go and just how close to the wire are they willing to go to accomplish their mission?


Two contract spies learn the lesson of passion and partnership in Prelude to a Rumor, Part 1.  Seeing Sean and Jamie meet and form their partnership was both suspenseful and sexy.  I could feel their passion just simmering between them as they got ready and then accomplished their mission.  This short story of how they met and became lovers is quick and definitely makes you want to see what happens a few years down the road.  Prelude to a Rumor, Part 1 is full of simmering sex and enough suspense to keep you wondering just what happens during their mission.  This is one happy for now that has you begging for more—in a good way.

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