PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 2 by Melissa Schroeder

PRELUDE TO A RUMOR, Part 2 by Melissa SchroederPrelude to a Rumor, Part 2 by Melissa Schroeder
Series: Harmless Preludes #4
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Author
Published by Self Published


Sean Kaheaku, is a Hawaiian spy who is one of the best at the game and has been burnt by having a romantic relationship with his past partner.  Now Sean is being asked to team up with a new partner—this time a guy fresh out the Navy.  Sean is not so quick to want to team up again, but given the mission, he accepts his new partner as a new work relationship only.  No matter how sexy this new partner is, Sean isn’t sure he is willing to risk his heart again.


Randy Young is a retired Navy SEAL turned independent contractor.  He is being asked to work a dangerous mission with a man who has a great work reputation and one who was hurt by his last partner.  However, the money for this mission is extreme and impossible to say no to, and if he needs to partner-up with Sean, then a partnership it will be.


Sean and Randy are just supposed to go and see what is going on in a foreign country and then get the heck out of Dodge.  Sounds like an easy mission.  After all, they don’t need to even try and smuggle anything in or out this time.  Yet, things go south from the minute the mission begins, and it takes all of Sean’s wits and Randy’s SEAL know-how to get them both out and to safety.  Both had an attraction to the other from their first meeting and when the danger is at its highest, that attraction turns into passion.  Neither went into this mission or partnership looking for a romance, and yet that passion and determination just might be what it takes to get them both to safety.


Two American spies learn the hard way that even when you are not looking for love, it sometimes is what you need to make it to another day.  Randy and Sean learn this and other things in Prelude to a Rumor, Part 2.  I was pretty sure that Sean would not allow himself to find romance with another partner after being burned so badly, yet I could see exactly why he fell for Randy.  Randy was a surprise to me all the way through this book, and yet I came to love him as much as Sean by the time I turned the last page.  The danger put everything on a rough edge, and yet I saw how Sean and Randy’s passion helped smooth out all the edges and gave them a future to fight for.  As I said goodbye to Sean and Randy, I hoped that I would find a wonderful future for them somewhere down the road.  Prelude to a Rumor, Part 2 takes suspenseful danger almost to its limits, while bringing in a passion to deliver Sean and Randy to a safe and happy ending.

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