PRETTY HUMAN by Kayleigh Sky

PRETTY HUMAN by Kayleigh SkyPretty Human by Kayleigh Sky
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

The unauthorized ship crash lands in the desert.  Somehow inexplicably, Ellis Ligoria, King of the planet Xol felt drawn to the site.  And it is Ellis who found the injured stranger, unconscious and hidden under the sands within the lost city.


It is a long road toward recovery for Jem. It’s also a real surprise that he wasn’t all human, but part Xolani, a genetically submissive member of the planet who could bear children for his Master.


Drawn to each other Ellis and Jem tried to fight what they felt even as the bonds began to strengthen.  Eventually they gave in to fate. Ellis accepted his responsibility to take care of Jem and married him.  Slowly Jem sunk into his role as a submissive and found a certain peace he’d never before known.


Unknown to Ellis were the secrets and lies Jem held from him.  His old life wasn’t as a simple Vagabond travelling the stars.  Jem is the son of a very powerful man, a member of the High Council Leland Prentiss.  Worse Jem was married to Bellamy Wallace whose influence knows no bounds.  They want Xol to join the Planetary Union.  Something the King has refused thus far.  When Ellis discovers the truth it might not matter in the least that Jem loves him.


Love is blind.  But no one can forget where they come from, what makes them the person they are.  In Pretty Human a man is forced to face some ugly truths rather than sweep them under the proverbial rug.  Strong motivations and fascinating charactizations bind Pretty Human together.  The slightly confusing start however presumes the reader immediately understand the traditions and behaviors of Xol people.  Having said that, once Ellis and Jem’s romance begins to evolve Pretty Human becomes an exciting love story with engaging power plays and more. Each chapter draws the reader further and further into Jem’s traumatic past and his chance at a loving future.  A slow start and a wondrous ending.

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