PRIMAL DESIRE by Lupa Garneau

PRIMAL DESIRE by Lupa Garneau
Primal Desire
by Lupa Garneau

Series: Children of Shairobi #1
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


A hundred years ago Nexhan, leader of the Rune Fang, left his people and home in the Redwood National Park for the city and vengeance.  In the end Nexhan learned that redemption had to come from within and revenge was an empty emotion.


When he returns home everyone is thrilled to welcome Nexhan back. Among the group he notices a stranger, Cole Nicoyla, a cougar shifter who entered Rune Fang territory several months ago.  There is indefinable electricity between Nexhan and the cougar, but the young shifter’s prickly behavior keeps them from getting closer.


Nexhan has much to do.  His people have been decimated by the demons they are tasked with destroying.  The first order of business however points to Cole and discovering what he truly means to the leader and to the future of them all.


Mystical. Intense.  Compelling.  The first story in the Children of Shairobi series opens with suspenseful drama and sensuality in Primal Desire.  Elements of otherworldly power within the Rune Fang clan battle demons intent on destroying all they hold dear.  Nexhan and Cole’s relationship is mired by frustrating moments of miscommunication balanced against an incredibly strong bond.  Primal Desire is packed with magic and complications and romance, while spiritual matters add another layer.  A rich, sexy tale Primal Desire is a bold beginning.

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