PRIMAL HEAT by A. C. Arthur

PRIMAL HEAT by A. C. Arthur
Primal Heat
by A. C. Arthur

Series: Shadow Shifters #6
Published by St. Martin's Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Eli Preston is a lead guard for the First Family of the U.S. Assembly of the Shadow Shifters.  He is also in charge of training some of the other warriors, and among those is one female with whom he has to fight his instincts on every time he is around her.  Eli knows that every day is a challenge for the Shadow Shifters who have been hiding in plain sight for many, many years.  However, now the U.S. government, or at least some of it, not only knows about them, but captured one and used his DNA to try and create a supersoldier.  That creature has been destroyed, yet reports are telling them all that the danger is not over.


Nivea Cannon left her wealthy and influential family many years ago when she discovered something that sickened her.  Instead of going public with her knowledge, Nivea agreed to just leave everything behind to keep those she loved safe.  Nivea joined the Assembly as a guard and has been working hard to cement her position ever since.  She has also been attracted to her trainer ever since she met Eli.  Nivea has almost given up hope that he will ever see her as more than a new and efficient solider.


Eli and Nivea’s attraction has come to the breaking point and now their passion has exploded between them.  Their timing isn’t great, because the worst threat against the Shadow Shifters is about to not only expose them to the humans, but could also turn the world into a blood bath, because somehow those supersoldiers are still being created.  It is Eli and Nivea’s mission to try and figure out where the DNA is coming from and just who is behind it.  As the clues are being uncovered, Nivea learns that the harm is much closer than she would have ever guessed.  It is going to take all of Eli and Nivea’s training and love to face the truth and the ensuring battle.  This time it’s not only shifters against humans, but shifters against shifters, and when the dust clears, just who will still be standing, and which side will come out the winner?


Two warriors discover their love just as the States are turned upside down.  In their battle to keep their race and humans safe, can they also find a way to gain their happy ever after?  Eli and Nivea are going to learn the answer to this and so much more in Primal Heat.  I truly wasn’t surprised when the passion exploded between Eli and Nivea, as I could tell it had been simmering for a long time.  What did surprise me was Nivea’s past and how it came to affect the present and her mission with Eli.  I was drawn into the mystery of who and how the supersoldiers were being made, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what would be exposed next, both in Eli and Nivea’s romance and the mystery they were investigating.  I felt that the final battle was well done as all sides experienced losses, because in a battle, it just isn’t realistic to assume one side won’t lose somehow.  I’m not sure what will happen in this new reality that the States have in this world, but I certainly hope there is another book in the series so I can see the aftermath.  Primal Heat is full of suspense, deadly danger mixed in, with fast friendships, and most importantly, hot passions.  Even if you have not read any other books in this series, I feel you could pick up this book and not feel as if you were missing anything.  Although, you might end up picking up the earlier books anyway.

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