PRIME CLAIMING by Monette Michaels

PRIME CLAIMING by Monette Michaels
Prime Claiming
by Monette Michaels

Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
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Cheri Stafford is a research assistant on the Galanti, and she is also a Terran.  Cheri and the other researchers were brought on board to find out why some Terrans are able to mate with the Prime and others could not and also why the Prime now have difficulties having children.  One thing they discovered is that any person with some Prime genes are able to mate with a Prime, if they find their specific Prime mate.  Cheri has found her mate, and it is a Prime that she lusts after, but she is beginning to wonder if he wants her.


Lt. Zaek Magga is one of Lolyn’s computer engineers, and he has searched for years for his mate.  When Zaek discovered his mate was one of the research assistants, Cheri, he made the hard choice to make sure his mate knew him before he claimed her. This decision is one that Zaek believes is right for Cheri…well, until she decides to drive him crazy while he is giving her time.


Cheri decides to find out why Zaek is not acting like the other Prime males who finds and claims his mate once and for all.  Using every female enticement she has, Cheri tries to get Zaek to act on his lust for her, only to be rebuffed.  When Cheri just out and out confronts him, it ends up being the mating that neither will ever forget.


A woman who is ready to be claimed by her mate takes action into her own hands to show her mate that Terrans can be just as fiercely in love as Primes can in Prime Claiming.  Cheri and Zaek’s mating might have been on the fast side compared to other matings but, for Cheri, it was lasting forever.  I enjoyed how she decided to give Zaek her best shot at resisting her female wiles and when he still resisted, went right for the heart shot.  I did love how Zaek tried to give Cheri the time to come to know him before his went all primal on her, but I had to laugh when he discovered just how determined a Terran woman in love could be to get her mate to claim her.  I found that their mating was all either could ask for even when you consider where they were.  Prime Claiming might be a short story, but it has all the romance you could ask for between two strong and determined people who became mates.

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