PRIME IMPERATIVE by Monette Michaels

PRIME IMPERATIVE by Monette MichaelsPrime Imperative by Monette Michaels
Series: The Prime Chronicles #3
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Liquid Silver Books


Dr. Brianna Martin is a Terran-raised leading researcher who has contracted with Prime stating that with her research, she might be able to find out the problem that has made pregnancy and child birth almost nonexistent in the Prime world.  She asked for permission to come to the Prime world so that she and her team can come up with a solution.  Brianna has a motive in trying to help the Prime before they become extinct; she is one of the lost Prime mates.  Brianna has kept this a secret until her life is in danger by the Pure Bloods, and she again contacts the Prime for emergency help.


Iolyn Caradoc is one of the sons of the Prime leader, and he thought for many, many years now that his Prime battle mate died in the last ditch effort of the Prime to save their children and females.  So to say he is stunned to find out that his mate is not only living, but requesting to come to the Prime world is putting it mildly.  Then he finds out that she has been attacked and is on the run. Nothing is going to keep Iolyn calm until he has his mate in his arms and in his bed.


Iolyn, his brothers and their mates, and the Galanti’s entire crew are now racing for Brianna and her team.  Once they all finally meet up, the danger isn’t nearly over, but Iolyn and Brianna are face-to-face for the first time since they were infants and their passion is ready to explode.  The trip back to the Prime world is full of adventure as it seems the Prime’s ancient enemies, the Antarean and others, are determined to strike at all Prime holds.  As Iolyn, Brianna, and the others start piecing the answers together, it all points to a highly placed betrayal on Prime itself.  Now everyone is back on the Prime world and trying to figure out who is behind everything. It turns out the betrayal is closer to the Caradoc family than ever imagined, and it is pretty personal.  The truth is out, but the mates are still in deadly danger.  Can the combined actions of the Caradocs and their mates bring an end to the danger facing all mates and the fertility problems before all is lost?


It’s one thing to know you had a mate and most likely lost her years ago, it’s another to discover that she is living and in deadly danger, and yet another to finally have your mate and almost lose her again.  Brianna and Iolyn face all of that and more in Prime Imperative.  I expected a lot of emotion while reading Iolyn and Brianna’s story, and I was not let down. I loved how Iolyn and Brianna fought to come together and still worked as hard as they did with his entire family to defeat the danger that has been directed at their mates and also solve the problems that have been affecting the Prime and fertility for so long.  I was amazed to discover just what was behind all of it and just how twisted someone can become over something. I foresee long, loving and child-filled lives for Iolyn and Brianna, along with his brothers and their mates and even the majority of the Prime.  Prime Imperative is full of highs and lows mixed in with suspense and passion—who could ask for anything more? I would suggest reading the books of this series in order so that you can gather all of the clues that seem to be sprinkled throughout them.

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