The Prince Claimed
by Amber Kell

Series: The Thresl Chronicles #2
Published by Totally Bound Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Bonded to a human male in order to save his life Thresl Prince Bleine and his new mate will have a lot of adjusting to do as neither has been with a male in the past.  As one of the Thresl, Bleine’s desires for Sarler will grow stronger by the day. The burning, yearning need will continue until he either consummates the bond or goes insane.

Fleeing an oppressive planet where same sex relations are punishable by death Sarler accepts a position tending to Thresl’s being kept in stasis pods.  As a strong empath Sarler is uniquely qualified in identifying potential mates for those in stasis. 

Awkward barely touches the surface of Prince Bleine and Sarler’s burgeoning relationship.  When they do finally manage to come to an understanding and begin to work things out a threat to Sarler becomes a deadly reality.  Next Bleine is embroiled in a royal mystery that could overshadow the entire court.  One fights for survival and the other for a family honor which could destroy them all.

A battle of strong wills and fragile hearts is played out within the pages of Prince Claimed.  Multi-talented author Amber Kell breathes ambitious life into the second story in The Thresl Chronicles.  This character driven original storyline features a charming prince and a naïve empath.  Prince Claimed is definitely part of a series to entice and embrace.

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