PRINCE OF FAITH by Belinda McBride

PRINCE OF FAITH by Belinda McBride
Prince of Faith
by Belinda McBride

Series: An Uncommon Whore #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


Betrayed by those he trusted most in the universe Markus Dayspring paid an enormous price for that misplaced faith.  Used in a diabolical experiment and then as a whore, Markus did everything he could to escape his imprisonment.  He even attempted suicide on multiple occasions until his owners found a devious method of keeping him in line.  Lost in a haze of powerful narcotics and sexual stimulants Markus lost track of his own existence to the point he didn’t recognize salvation when it arrived.


Many long frustrating months of searching for the King’s lost cousin may finally be at an end.  At one time part of another royal bloodline Prince Lucius Caius Berne Trey simply goes by Caius these days and hides his recognizable appearance with a holo-disguise.  In truth Caius has used the tech for so long that his body is addicted and he suffers debilitating headaches when it is shut off.


Finding the missing Dayspring heir after months of painstakingly sifting through rumors and gossip Caius is appalled by Markus’s condition.  His quarry is in such poor straits Caius isn’t sure Markus can make it to where his ship is docked without being discovered.  Travelling to their people’s new home on Neo Domus is supposed to be a straight shot once Markus is found, yet complications arise the moment Caius snips the chains holding Dayspring to his bed.  Going home is hampered by secrets that will rock Dayspring royalty, health crisis, and thoughts of revenge.  Both men will face the actions that shaped them in the past year and the spark that never died between them.


A terrific blend of action, drama, and sensuality, Prince of Faith holds nothing back where emotions are concerned.  Markus dealt with blatant cruelty and betrayal with dignity and honor.  As for Caius, he carried his own burdens and grief as well. This third book in the An Uncommon Whore series wraps up a fascinating science fiction storyline that manages to twist and turn in most extraordinary ways.  The more we learn about these characters the more we could empathize with their struggles.  Dive into Prince of Faith, it doesn’t disappoint.

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