PRINCESS’S SECRET BABY by Carol MarinelliPrincess's Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli
Series: The Chatsfields Gold #11
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Harlequin

Reviewed by Vanessa

Princess of Surhaadi, Leila, is determined to break from the oppressive pall that has covered her family for the past sixteen years! Forcing a confrontation, revealing a truth that Leila has long suspected, she runs away….and into the arms of a willing stranger!

James Chatsfield believes that the beauty is up to some media coverage subterfuge for a competitor, but he can’t help being drawn to her. Unable to turn down what she is clearly offering, James falls for her and discovers some things that Leila failed to mention!  Attempting to contact her again, he finds his way blocked, and he is soon headed off to forget her.  However, when the news reveals something she should have, James wastes no time to right the wrongs of the past.

Princess’s Secret Baby grabbed on to the reader from the start with the dark ominous truths revealed in the opening pages.  The tale couldn’t maintain that darkness throughout the pages though, as Princess’s Secret Baby would have been a terribly depressing story.  Carol Marinelli knew what she was doing when she developed James as he completely embodied a romance hero in Princess’s Secret Baby.  Sure, he had some failings, one that was glaring and a little off putting, but it wasn’t in your face, and I tried hard to overlook it, because he did have a point for his actions.

Leila was a complete and utter innocent in more ways than one and that was hard to swallow in Princess’s Secret Baby, however, she did come from a completely different background.   James worked hard to win Leila, and I felt that she probably should have let him off the hook in one area that truly wasn’t his fault, but I don’t think she knew that he blamed himself for that in Princess’s Secret Baby.

In the end, Princess’s Secret Baby is a part of a series, however, there was something that wasn’t completely wrapped up or explained about things that occurred in Princess’s Secret Baby.  I’m afraid that in order to garner that information, one would have to read Leila’s brother’s story Sheikh’s Desert Duty.

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