Protecting His Asset
by S. A. Welsh

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Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
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As far back as George Kelvin can remember his father abused him, verbally and physically.  Most of the injuries were in places no one saw or if his father didn’t hold back George had been clumsy, accident prone.  When your mother is dead and your father is the Deputy Director of the FBI there wasn’t much George could do.


Running away and staying off the grid was the only answer.  Honing his computer skills George began compiling information on his father such as dirty dealings, payoffs, or any evidence that can help put the man away.  Recently George received an encrypted file and he’s certain whatever’s on the there will be enough to put dear old dad away for good.


Apparently he’s not the only one interested in the computer file because suddenly there are multiple strangers threatening George.  After his dump of an apartment burns down and someone shoves a gun in his face he panics and heads straight for the offices of the Shifter Protection agency.  Begging co-owner Scott McCade may be the only chance he’s got at surviving.  With the Deputy Director and various agents from around the world after that file he’d better cross his fingers that Scott will take pity on him.  Hopefully Scott and his shifters can protect George because before the dust settles more secrets than anyone can imagine are about to see the light.


There’s never, ever a dull moment or a lack of surprises in Book two of the Shifter Protection Specialists, Inc. story titled Protecting His Asset.  From zero to sixty in the blink of an eye George’s dangerous adventure to uncover the truth begins.  George and Scott’s relationship, as well as the plot, take wild twists and turns.  The results are most definitely satisfying on all counts.  Suspense, mysteries, and intense characters make for an exceptional story in Protecting His Asset.

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