Protective Heat
by Tami Vinson

Series: Heat #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial
Source: Author

Reviewed by Nikita Steele

All is not what it seems...Beautiful actress Vivaca Carlton had everything she'd ever thought she wanted. Her talent had acquired her enough fame and fortune to leave the roots of her broken childhood behind and make her a star. But she's coming to learn that fame and fortune mean nothing without love.Hired to protect the actress, Quinn Thomas is prepared to be professional and get the job done despite his past distrust of women in the industry. But when he sets his eyes on Vivaca, he knows that guarding her body will be anything but professional. From sizzling to burning hot, they will both break the bonds of their pasts to claim a love that is worth protecting.

Actress Vivaca Carlton thinks the threats made against her life are meaningless and due to an overzealous fan. Yet, her agent sees things differently and hires a personal body guard.  Unhappy at first with a bodyguard shadowing her every step, Vivaca is glad have Quinn Thomas around as her protective safeguard when the threats towards her take a turn down a deadly path.


Security expert, Quinn Thomas is determined to successfully complete the assignment he is hired to do regardless of the fact that it lands him smack in the middle of a situation that he has avoided for a number of years – celebrity limelight.  One look at his new client, Vivaca Carlton, Quinn knows that is going to difficult to maintain a strictly professional relationship between them.


With an obsessive, crazed fan stalking Vivaca, will Quinn be able to keep her out of harm’s way?  And, more importantly, will Quinn be able to get past his bias hiccup of women in the film industry to have a meaningful, lasting relationship with Vivaca?


Fans of Tami Vinson’s Protective Heat series will not be disappointed by Protective Heat.  This storyline is just as exciting as the first installment, Winter’s Heat.  The heat between Vivaca and Quinn instantly sizzles to a scorching height and does not burn out one bit.  Add in the very dangerous and deadly stalking element and you have an exciting, thrilling tale that will successfully hold your attention until the very end.  Protective Heat is book two in Ms. Vinson’s Protective Heat series and can be read as a standalone novella.

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