PROTECTOR by Nancy Northcott

PROTECTOR by Nancy NorthcottProtector by Nancy Northcott
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Hachette Digital, Inc.

Reviewed by Jo

When firefighter and paramedic Edie Lang arrives to battle a wildfire in southeast Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp, she's dismayed to encounter the man who ruined her life in just one night. Their reunion doesn't make helicopter pilot Josh Campbell any happier than Edie is. Despite their efforts to ignore each other, the sparks between them have not diminished, but neither intends to let them flare again. When one of them is gravely injured, the two discover their passion runs deeper than either of them could have imagined and they have Dr. Stefan Harper to thank for that chance.Dr. Harper is happy to have given the couple a second chance, but realizes through Josh and Edie as well as his good friends Val and Griff that what's missing from his life is love.35,000 words.

Edie Lang is a mage who uses her powers to fight fires and as a paramedic.  Danger is part of her daily life as she runs towards deadly fires to keep others safe.  Edie knows to keep her magic a secret, as the firefighters she works with are all humans, so she works her magic in ways that make the events seem normal.  Except the one time she met a mage pilot and the heat they raised that single night acted on that heat.


Josh Campbell is a mage pilot who flies into dangerous situations to help put out fires and to save lives with emergency EMT flights.  However, that is the only place that Josh is willing to face the rush of danger.  Because of his past, Josh wants a wife who meets his image of normal and a woman who runs into fires just isn’t part of the ideal.  That is why Josh never acted on the attraction he felt towards Edie when they met before.


When a firefighter is hurt during a forest fire, Edie quickly changes hats from a firefighter into an emergency EMT and rushes to help him.  It only figures that the pilot that swoops in to aid her and get the firefighter out is Josh – the man who pushed her away.  Edie still has that intense attraction towards Josh, but she isn’t about to give him another chance to hurt her.  But when what should have been a normal rescue mission turns into a life and death situation for Josh and Edie, it allows them the time to talk and discover just what is between them and also if their feelings are enough to overcome those hurtles.  But first they have to get rid of the bad magic that has attached itself to them before any chance at a future is lost.


Can two magic filled people who face danger daily find a way to keep the jobs they love and still have a normal and stable marriage? Josh and Edie hope so in Protector.   I was totally behind Edie as I read about how Edie and Josh met and what happened.  However, Josh grew on me slowly as I learned about what made him create his dream woman.  That is not saying I didn’t think he was a doofus at times by his actions, and yet when their lives were on the line Josh had the strength of character to protect Edie.  My heart broke when it appeared that even though Edie and Josh knew the obstacles between them, it didn’t appear they could overcome them and fulfill the passion that was just waiting for them.  But Josh proved that his feelings for Edie were much more than his past scares and I just know that no matter what they face in the future it won’t tear them apart.  Protector is passion and danger filled as Josh and Edie take a journey into the unknown and discover a love that will take them well into the future.

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