Psychic Says
by J. J. Black

Series: Revelations #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Rejected by his parents for the gifts he was born with Stephen Jurgens nevertheless managed to carve out a successful, satisfying life.  As an extremely strong medium Stephen is highly sought after in the private sector and still makes time for consulting work at Revelations.  Stephen also has a powerful psychic talent though he rarely taps into it.


Years ago he fell in love with a wolf shifter who claimed they were fated mates.  It literally destroyed Stephen when the shifter left him for another.  Soon after he met young Alpha Maddox Blackwood who insisted that they were mates.  He denied the claim and walked away.


Eight years later Maddox has come back for his mate and won’t take any excuse to deny the truth.  He will prove to Stephen they belong together, especially if it means joining the medium and protecting him on his latest assignment involving a feline pride with unexpected deaths.  Stephen doesn’t realize it yet but Maddox may be the only one between him and the end of his existence.


Drama, danger, and sexual tension weave through Psychic Says.  This is an exciting blend of romance and mystery for the second installment in the Revelations series.  Medium Stephen has legitimate reasons for rejecting his Alpha wolf.  Their difficulties make for a great battle of stubbornness verses patience.  As for the deaths in the pride lands, a dark element brings another layer to an already bold plotline.  There’s no end to the trouble Stephen and Maddox face in Psychic Says.

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