Pulling the Vampire's Braid
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Loving Nip #8
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Vampire Enforcer Tate Locklear volunteers his time and strength to a newly formed pack manly comprised of damaged and scarred shifter victims rescued from one bad situation or another.  Though Tate was content with his coven he’s hoping that a change and some challenges will shake him out of his funk.


Clouded leopard shifter Psion spends most of his days in cat form hiding in the trees that surround his new home.  He’s very self conscious of the scars around his neck and all over his body.  Rescued after spending decades in a cage, controlled by witches who used his blood for their own benefit, Psion can no longer tolerate the smell of blood.


From the moment Tate locks eyes with the pretty little feline shifter at mealtime he knows his century’s long search for his beloved is over.  How to convince skittish Psion to accept their mating may take what feels like another century since the cat can’t deal with a blood exchange.  In the meantime another situation crops up with shifters intent on destroying everything the new pack stands for.  It’s time for the Enforcer to show what he’s made of to the pack and to his mate.


Loving patience is the name of this game in Puling the Vampire’s Braid.  A strong, stoic Enforcer pulls out all the stops for his beloved in Book 8 of the A Loving Nip series.  An endearing little cat shows his spirit wasn’t completely squashed in this sweet and sexy tale.  Their love story is heartfelt and a subplot of danger adds spice.  Pulling the Vampire’s Braid is the latest appealing entry.

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