QUICK TRICK by Skye Jordan

QUICK TRICK by Skye JordanQuick Trick by Skye Jordan
Series: Rough Riders #1
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
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I started the Rough Riders series with book two, Hot Puck, and to be honest after reading Hot Puck I wanted to start Quick Trick right away. Quick Trick happened to be done a little different and because it was the first book it the series I wasn’t as into it as I was with Hot Puck but I still found it an entertaining read.


Grant Saber left Holly, North Carolina behind in order to pursue his professional hockey career and he hasn’t regretted it. Just coming off surgery from his shoulder he returns home for Christmas and notices that nothing has changed in Holly but still he can’t wait to get back to his life in D.C. and back on the ice with his teammates. His mother sends him to pick up their Christmas tree but when he gets there the store has closed early. One thing Grant is good at is sweet talking, so he goes out to find the woman running the shop so he can sweet talk her into getting the tree before his mother skins him alive, but when he finds Faith she isn’t at all what he was expecting.


Faith has had a rough year, it’s been six months since she lost her father to cancer and trying to keep St. Nicholas Hardware running. After putting her life on hold while taking care of her father it might be time for her to get back out there dating wise but living in a small town it’s a little hard. When a sexy stranger tries to sweet talk her into opening her store to get his Christmas tree she thinks that’s the last she will see of him but day after day Grant comes into her shop trying to win her over. When Faith takes the plunge to ask him out things get hot and dirty fast and Faith is okay with that until her heart starts to hurt at the thought of him leaving. Will she end up being enough for him to stay or will she be left alone again to pick up the pieces?


The one thing I missed in Quick Trick was the hockey. While Grant did take to the ice with the kids in the community it wasn’t the same as reading about him playing in the NHL, but that was a really a minor thing for me. I liked Quick Trick; it was cute, funny and freaking Hot! Grant and Faith had funny banter and fabulous chemistry right from the beginning.


Once in a while I come across a hero who turns me inside out and Grant was that for me. He has a reputation for being a player but I loved how he just gravitated to Faith from the very beginning because she is not usually the type of woman he would fall for. He showed he could be sweet, sexy and alpha in all the right places plus he was a dirty talker which I just loved.


I also really liked Faith and the fire she had in her to make the store a success not only for her herself, but for her deceased father because he loved it. She was strong but I also loved how she showed her insecurities to Grant and talked things out with him before making some crazy decisions.


Of course in any good romance comes drama but with Quick Trick Skye Jordan kept it very minimal which I was grateful for. Since Quick Trick is the first book in the Rough Riders series we are introduced to some of Grants teammates and honestly these guys cracked me up. I’m really looking forward to meeting them and reading their stories. It looks like I won’t have to wait too long because every month Ms. Jordan will be publishing a new one. Yippee! If you’re looking for a quick read that’s filled with holiday spirit, love and a happily ever after you won’t want to miss, you have to check out Quick Trick.

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