REAVER by Larissa Ione

REAVER by Larissa Ione
by Larissa Ione

Series: Demonica #10
Published by Forever, Grand Central Publishing Genres: Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Harvester risked everything to protect the four horsemen and keep the world from falling apart and just when she should be thinking it was a job well done, someone informed her father, Satan, that she was a traitor to him and her time in hell has just become very, very real.


Reaver is an angel who fell and then regained his wings through his quick actions and helping the innocent.  He also learned, belatedly, that he was the real father of the four horsemen and he is quickly trying to catch up on all the time with them that he lost all these years.


When a family get together of Reaver’s children families happens and someone uses it to hurt several of them, he wastes no time trying to find what happened and who was behind it.  The trail to those answers seems to lead to getting Harvester away from Hell and back into the Earth realm.  While his children do not believe that Harvester would harm them or their families, Reaver isn’t sure about anything right now.  All he knows is that rescuing her won’t be easy because of their past history, and of course getting out of Hell is never an easy thing.  Harvester wants nothing to do with Reaver, but when she learns about what has happened to the four horsemen, she is totally behind him and so their dangerous journey begins.  Along the way, answers to questions they never even dreamed of asking show Reaver and Harvester that the passion between them was always there and meant to be – even with the ups and downs of fate and a meddling Archangel. Reaver and Harvester might finally be able to have the forever that should have been theirs so long ago, but only if they can get past the last of the betrayals that seek to tear them apart once and for all.


Neither Heaven nor Hell are safe when two Angels who risked everything find out about betrayals against them and re-discover a passion that was always theirs in Reaver.  I have wondered about both Reaver and Harvester through both of the series that they appeared in, Demonica and Lords of Deliverance.  I knew that there had to be major history between them and was there.  I just couldn’t believe what both of these amazing people had gone through and yet, when they had a chance to finally have their forever after, nothing, and I do mean nothing, was going to stop them.  I was torn because I wanted to rush through the book and yet I didn’t want their story to end either.  I found each and every turn held my attention and the way Reaver and Harvester found their passion again and they fought for it by all means possible had me cheering for them.  I cheered even louder when Reaver and Harvester were able to return something that had been taken by the most horrible betrayal.  At the end, I found much more than one happy ending and proof that all the characters I have loved in both series would do just fine – even with the ups and downs that faced them.  Reaver takes hold of you and just won’t let go from the first page until the back cover is closed the last time.

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