THE REBELLIOUS PET by Samantha Cayto

THE REBELLIOUS PET by Samantha CaytoThe Rebellious Pet by Samantha Cayto
Series: Alien Slave Masters #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

After a mutiny was foiled aboard Captain Kell’s star ship, thanks in large part to the human sex slaves or ‘pets’, they were allowed to refuse their Masters’ sexual advances.  It gave human Joel Porter a much needed breather from Senior Officer Firth, which resulted in a truce of sorts between them.  When the officer becomes ill they are both transferred to the outer most Travian space station for Firth’s medical care.  .


The space station is run by Commander Arath, an ambitious lower caste Travian whose hard work has lead the young man to his current position.  Joel inadvertently becomes Arath’s pet and his problem because the Travian is at best aloof and isolated by choice, but he is also unflinchingly honorable.


Having grown up with an extremely abusive father Joel is unable to accept any attempt at kindness by his new master.   Arath refuses to give up and over time the two begin to find their way.  It also helps that Arath has assigned a curious, kind junior officer to befriend Joel.


They are finally making real headway when a diplomatic mission aboard the station causes unwanted friction.  When Joel gets up to mischief something happens which could change the whole course of both their lives…or their deaths.


Author Samantha Cayto’s inventive, original series continues with a complex second installment titled The Rebellious Pet.  Joel has a chip of major proportions on his shoulder, with good reason, but Arath is a exactly what he needs in his life.  This multi-layered plotline is absolutely primal and riveting.  One caution, readers have to deal with the fact that humans have no say in sexual matters where their conquerors are concerned.  A spirited sometimes difficult romance, The Rebellious Pet is ultimately satisfying.  The ending is worth every uncomfortable page.

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