RED by Bianca D’Arc

RED by Bianca D’Arc
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: Redstone Clan #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Steve Redstone is a werecougar, a former Green Beret, and the second in command of the Redstone Clan, although his oldest brother is the Alpha.  When Steve, who is known by his friends as Red, is contacted by an old Army buddy and asked to keep an eye on the guy’s sister while she is partying in Vegas, of course he agrees.  But what Red figured would be a cakewalk becomes much, much more before the night is over.


Trisha Morrow is a water nymph as is her father and her natural brothers.  However, Trisha is used to hiding her gifts from those around her so that no one knows that she is an “other.”  When Trisha joins her college buddies on a trip to Vegas as a special bridal bachelorette party, she finds out that some secrets are definitely worth sharing with one special and sexy man.


Red gets Trisha and her friends out of the bar they were in with the help of his Clan and quickly realizes that the women aren’t drunk, but have been doused with something.  The questions are why and with what.  Luckily, Red can lean on both his Clan members and those of their allies, unluckily at first for Red, Trisha comes out of the drugs quickly and discovers just who Red is and why he was at the bar that night.  Attraction becomes much more when Red and Trisha discover they are fated mates, but that isn’t the most serious problem at this time. The problem is finding out who is after Trisha and stopping them before any innocent bystanders get hurt. The bad guys never knew just how complicated this job was going to be when Red and Trisha team up and get lots of help when it counts from family and friends.


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and that goes triple when Others and Weres are involved.  Trisha and Red totally agree with this saying as they put another strike into the group who is out to destroy all of those who follow the Lady and her light in Red.  I had to chuckle when Red agreed so easily to keep an eye on Trisha and her friends and then suddenly has his hands full. Knowing that Trisha had spent so many years hiding her abilities had me wondering how fast she would come out to Red and show him the true her.  I loved how they slightly twisted the truth to Trisha’s friends to keep the truth a secret and yet made it so plausible. Very sneaky, Others! Watching Red and Trisha fall in love as they hunted and battled their enemies was one of the best parts. Red combines suspense and passion with touches of humor that told me that yet another of the Redstone brothers had found and claimed his fated mate and the happiness that follows.


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