REDEMPTION by Kate Douglas

REDEMPTION by Kate DouglasRedemption by Kate Douglas
Series: Intimate Relations #2
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by St. Martin's Press


Lola Monroe is a receptionist at a modeling agency.  That is, until she is fired for arguing with her boss on whether a certain model scammed the agency—a model who just happens to be her friend and roommate.  However, except for the worry on income, Lola has no regret leaving that job.  It is just the first of the life-altering changes that will come to Lola in the next day or so.


Ben Lowell is a soldier who has been hiding from himself and his family because of a past action of which he couldn’t face the outcome.  But after several years, Ben has to face the destruction he caused.  First, he has to find his younger brother, something easier said than done. Ben doesn’t locate his brother right away, but he is sent to his girlfriend, and when he goes to introduce himself, he comes face-to-face with Lola and her sister—An interesting start to say the least.


Lola knows that a face can hide all sorts of things and while Ben isn’t one of the beautiful people she sees in her daily life, for some reason she allows Ben into her house.  Later, Ben and Lola get closer when she learns just why Ben is really here and what happened all those years ago.  Now firmly in Ben’s corner, Lola is surprised to find herself falling for the rough and ready soldier.  Just as it appears Ben might be able to begin the next part of his life without any guilt, Ben discovers that he is being watched and so are the girls.  Ben has no idea why he should be under watch or why the FBI is going to get involved however, what he does know is that nothing is going to harm Lola or her sister or anyone else in his personal circle.  As the facts become clear, the threads unravel not only why Ben is being watched, but that a good friend has also been mixed into the nastiness unknowingly.  The plot is becoming clear and Ben is just the man to make sure all the bad guys are caught and that all his friends and especially Lola, his love, are safe when the dust clears.


A soldier with a guilt ridden past meets a down-to-earth woman just as passion and suspense descends upon them in Redemption.  I loved how Lola gave it to her petty little boss when he suddenly decided to change facts, because there was money involved.  I also loved how she also helped Ben as he came to make things right after running for many, many years.  Ben might not have acted honorably on a certain night, but he is finally ready to set the facts straight and move forward with his life.  Ben and Lola might have been an unlikely couple at first for me, yet I came to love them together as the book rolled along.  As I turned the last page and found out not only the entire truth that tore Ben and his brother apart, but also just who was behind the danger to Ben and the others, I wanted to see the next story right away.  Besides hoping who the next couple will be in that book, I also want to see how the first two couples are doing.  Redemption is an unusual love story with a second chance thread that has touches of suspense, passion, brotherly love and, of course, a great love story.

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