REDISCOVERING HIMSELF by Charlie RichardsRediscovering Himself by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #40
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Everyone in the Stone Ridge pack is horrified as they figure out how long the bongo shifter they recently rescued had been captured.  Stolen from his herd and subjected to illegal experimentation by scientists without a conscious, the shifter has maintained his bongo form for more than half a century.


Somewhat plump, geeky Drako Rundin happily accepted his new friends’ request for help as they drove cross country with their ostrich flock.  Picked on by bullies at home the only person Drako would miss is his sister who thinks he’s nuts to move.  Never mind, it’s a whole new world now that Drako knows about shifters and vampires and the rest.


Arriving at the Alpha’s home, the craziest thing happens as a bongo shifter rushes from the nearby forest and changes into a sexy man who claims to be Drako’s mate.  Talk about new life experiences…


Always expect the unexpected with the Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  Enjoy the latest entertaining tale, the fortieth romantic book titled Rediscovering Himself.  Another character driven plotline with charming shifters and humans tasked with unraveling romantic complications.  Sweet, naive Drako and his traumatized, innocent mate have a long road ahead.  Count on their friends in Stone Ridge to be there as Drako’s mate is Rediscovering Himself.  The ‘feel good’ series continues to deliver.

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