RELENTLESS by Cheyenne Meadows

RELENTLESS by Cheyenne Meadows
by Cheyenne Meadows

Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Elite sniper Captain Cole Mallow embraces his nickname Jaguar in part because he’s actually a jaguar shifter.  Mark, his spotter and human husband is well aware of what Jaguar can become.  Assigned to a covert military outfit the two are called in when the job is near impossible and the situation dire.


Their latest target is a man code name Sandman who’s not only a killer but a psychopath who likes to torture and cut up his victims before allowing death.  At the moment when Jaguar has Sandman in his sights the worst thing imaginable happens.  When the dust clears both Sandman and Mark are gone.


Three years later Jaguar is still mourning the loss of his husband and refusing a spotter during missions.  That single status changes however when his commander informs him that Sandman didn’t die and the only way he will get another chance is with a new partner.  Steele, otherwise known as Sonar, an ocelot shifter will be his new spotter if Jaguar wants another opportunity to take out the man who killed his husband.


Sorrow and redemption go hand in hand for a Relentless objective.  A murderous cat and mouse game blends with difficult emotional situations in this suspenseful tale.  Intense personalities challenge each other time after time.  The high octane, gritty adventure never slows.  Jaguar deserves happiness.  It’s most definitely hard fought and eventually won in Relentless.

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