Remy's Painter
by A. C. Katt

Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Chief Alpha for all of the North American werewolves Armand Le Marche has honored Remy Clavier by naming him as second in command to the North American Council of werewolves.  It is a valued position and one that Remy would love – to refuse.  Remy never lobbied for the job, the responsibility, and the headaches aren’t worth the power he’s receiving.


A huge house in Brooklyn has been chosen as Remy’s home base.  The property is large enough for him, his two Betas, and the rest of the staff.  Other homes in the area are also being purchased.  The only work left to complete in Remy’s home is the paint work.


Two weeks ago Ian Sullivan lost his father and older brother Billy in a car accident.  On the one hand they were the only family Ian had left, on the other his father’s life long verbal abuse and Billy’s lack of backbone weren’t going to be missed.  They had all worked together in a family painting business and now Ian is alone.


With their accidental death and paperwork a mess their wills are in probate forcing Ian to use all his own savings to bury them.  At their funerals he is blindsided by Sal Ferrara, a loan shark demanding Ian pay Billy’s sizeable debts or else he will become the thug’s next bed warmer.


Ian’s only hope of a reprieve is to win the bid on a new paint contract.  His world’s been turned upside down already.  Wait till he meets his new client. A werewolf and his mate.


The Werewolves of Manhattan series returns to entertain readers with another pulse pounding tale in Remy’s Painter.  Single minded Remy takes one look at Ian and all bets are off.  Skillfully blending a riveting romance with a dark drama Remy’s Painter is a definite page turner.  A realistic vibe within a werewolf framework there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Remy’s Painter will leave readers hungry for the next book.

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