Restitution From His Mate
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #8
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Timing is everything and it’s time for Logan McBryne to leave Durango for awhile.  At least long enough for Geoffrey to realize that they aren’t mates.  The construction company co-owner knows about the local gargoyle clutch because of his relationship with the gargoyle, but he knows that he’s not meant for Geoffrey.


Logan’s good friend Zander Wheeler has a goat farm in Oregon and he needs help so it’s the perfect excuse to leave.  Arriving at Zander’s home Logan learns that his friend is mixed up with a married man he’s unable to break free from.  What a mess.


Their personal issues take a back seat however when they witness a wolf become a man.  Logan knows what’s happened, but Zander freaks out and unfortunately he’s holding a rifle.  In the chaos the stranger gets shot.  Logan knows they’re in big trouble though he doesn’t realize they’ve shot the Tamang pack beta, James Noleander, his mate.  Now it’s a disaster.  And Geoffrey’s in town.


Shooting your better half isn’t exactly the way to begin a relationship, right?  Restitution From His Mate is a wild, high octane drama.  Logan tries to remove himself from one destructive relationship and lands head first into another, with his mate.  The last thing Jimmy wants to do is punish his new mate.  The tone is serious and tense, the characters are fascinating, and the plot flows smoothly.  Restitution From His Mate will keep readers thoroughly satisfied.

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