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RESURRECTION MAN by K. Z. SnowResurrection Man by K. Z. Snow
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher
Reviewed by Lisa

The day teenager Elijah Colter told his family that he was gay was the day his life began to spiral downwards.  He was sent to live with an elderly relative until she passed and was then completely abandoned by his family.  From there Elijah’s world truly fell apart.  Forced to live in his car and turn tricks he thought he’d hit rock bottom, but Elijah discovered there were further places to fall when he became completely homeless.


Elijah thought fate kind when he met Alonzo ‘Lonzo’ Morales-Barry.  They were soon living and loving together.  Life was looking up until the day the couple visited Lonzo’s step-father, Dizzy, in a rough part of town and Elijah’s lover was gunned down in a drive-by shooting.  As he died Lonzo begged his lover to always watch out for Dizzy.


Once again the world became grim and Elijah lost his home and what he’d recently achieved.  The only thing he managed to hold onto was his promise to watch out for the old man who was also now homeless.  A chance meeting with Michael Hanlan from the Coalition for the Homeless offers Elijah another opportunity to grab at happiness.  At the same time Elijah begins to see his old lover’s ghost.  Believing in the man who offers hope or a ghost no one else sees is taking everything Elijah has to give and the breaking point is near.


The strength and character of a young man at his worst and best unfolds in Resurrection Man.  Elijah’s difficult life flips between the present and past where love and a roof over his head vie with living in homeless poverty.  Everyone will root for Elijah and his pure heart.  He makes mistakes, he loves with his whole heart, he’s human.  Resurrection Man focuses on his frailties and his triumphs, and no matter what Elijah comes out a winner in this rough drama.

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