RIDING AND REGRETS by Bailey Bradford

RIDING AND REGRETS by Bailey BradfordRiding and Regrets by Bailey Bradford
Series: Mossy Glenn Ranch #5
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


Growing up in southern California Noel Cuthbert and his siblings wanted for nothing financially with famous Hollywood parents.  They were lucky to receive emotional love from their Aunt Gertie who left her life in Montana to raise Noel, Josie, and River.  Once they’d grown up and began adult pursuits she returned to her home.


One of eleven siblings Jody Bates grew up in small town Texas.  He was the son of a strict Pentecostal preacher and a submissive mother. Jody played the role of fitting in, always knowing that if the truth came out he might not survive the outcome.  As a teen he snuck out occasionally until that one awful, horrible blood filled night he can’t piece together made him run.  Jody was only sixteen.


Recently fate and time brought Jody and Noel together in Ashville Montana.  Jody works at the Mossy Glenn Ranch and receives the shock of his life when his sister dumps a two year old named Priscilla or Prissy on the ranch hand and says he’s been named the father.  As for Noel he arrives in Ashville to stay with his Aunt Gertie to escape a pointless life in L.A. and an ex-boyfriend who almost damaged his body and soul beyond repair.  Neither young man wants to start up a relationship when their personal lives are in turmoil, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  From the moment their eyes meet in town they want.


Rustic charm, homey companionship, and hot sex to enjoy in Riding and Regrets.  Author Bailey Bradford pens a refreshingly complicated, sassy drama.  The fifth installment in the popular Mossy Glenn Ranch series can easily be read as a standalone story.  Jody and Noel have issues, emotional and otherwise, watching them deal with everything and make their lives better is what Riding and Regrets is all about.  Enjoy the ride without regret.

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