RISING DARKNESS by Thea Harrison

RISING DARKNESS by Thea Harrison
Rising Darkness
by Thea Harrison

Published by Penguin Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban
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USA Today bestselling author Thea Harrison begins an all-new, darkly romantic paranormal saga, in which the fate of existence itself lies in the balance—and the key to victory may rest in the hands of two eternal lovers… In the hospital ER where she works, Mary is used to chaos. But lately, every aspect of her life seems adrift. She’s feeling disconnected from herself. Voices appear in her head. And the vivid, disturbing dreams she’s had all her life are becoming more intense. Then she meets Michael. He’s handsome, enigmatic and knows more than he can say. In his company, she slowly remembers the truth about herself… Thousands of years ago, there were eight of them. The one called the Deceiver came to destroy the world, and the other seven followed to stop him. Reincarnated over and over, they carry on—and Mary finds herself drawn into the battle once again. And the more she learns, the more she realizes that Michael will go to any lengths to destroy the Deceiver. Then she remembers who killed her during her last life, nine hundred years ago…Michael.

Mary has enough stress in her life being an ER doctor, but lately she has been feeling very weird, having strange sensations and hearing voices when there shouldn’t be any.  Finally needing to get away from everything for a while, Mary takes a drive only to discover that going home as she was will never happen.  Violence and danger has targeted Mary and she isn’t even sure why.  Events are spiraling out of control when Mary finds she has yet another new aspect to her newly emerging gifts and sleeps while being guarded by some unusual protectors.


Michael has known since he was a young child just how different he was and where he fit into the unusual war that is going on around the humans on the Earth realm.  The other thing that Michael knows is that his soul mate is out there and he needs to find her very soon or they might lose this chance to wipe out the darkness that he and others have been hunting for so long.  Finally, the night comes when Michael hears the mental yell from his soul mate. The race is on to get to her before their enemy can kill her.


Mary has no idea just who this silent and strong man is but she is coming to understand that he can protect her.  As Michael helps Mary remember their past lives and just what they are fighting for, both of them remember aspects of one of their past lives that threatened Mary’s life essence forever. Mary is having a hard time dealing with all she is learning from Michael and her memories and the love she has had for Michael for many, many centuries.  However, time is not on their side and Mary must figure it all out while she and Michael fight to stay alive and get to the one person who can help them.  Their nemesis is moving fast leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  When Michael and Mary face the entity threatening them and humanity once more, it’s a traumatic event which leaves them all on the run yet again.  The question is, just who will come out on top when they meet again and will Mary and Michael ever get the chance to have the loving relationship they once had without all the danger?


It is said that true love can last forever and that soul mates will always find each other, Mary and Michael will discover the truth of these sayings in Rising Darkness.   I will say right off the top that this series from Ms. Harrison is much darker and more violent than her Elder Races series; however, I didn’t go into this book expecting something like that other series.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dark and mysterious feeling that was created in the world of the Game of Shadows series.  Mary had me hoping that she would find what she needed to feel a part of the world she was in once and for all.  Michael’s background from childhood to adulthood is very mysterious and I still don’t know exactly who and what he is in this life.  What I do know is that even when surrounded by deadly danger you can’t miss the long time passion that simmers between Mary and Michael as their memories come together.  There are so many questions that I have about who and what the group was that volunteered to losing their beginnings in order to defeat a deadly entity that escaped to Earth.  I turned the last page hoping that Mary and Michael can find a way to permanently defeat their foe once and for all.  The best way to tell if a new series has captured your attention is if you are ready to read the next book when you close the back cover of the previous one and that is exactly what happened to me.  Rising Darkness is a fantastic urban fantasy filled with mystery, danger, suspense and a passion that has lasted through many, many years.

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