Roadside Assistance
by Marie Harte

Series: Body Shop Bad Boys #2
Published by Sourcebooks Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Every time I go into a Marie Harte book I know two things; one it’s going to be hot and steamy and two, the characters are going to be different each and every time. Roadside Assistance is the second installment in Harte’s new series, Body Shop Bad Boys and I have to say there were things that just stood out on this one.


Have you ever read a story were the heroine is almost completely perfect and put together not only in personality but also in the looks department? For me those books bother me because it’s simply just not real. We all have flaws in some shape or form (duh) but it’s refreshing when Harte writes her heroines because they aren’t perfect and that was the case in Roadside Assistance. Cyn is not the perfect size and she knows it but she is a little self-conscious about it.


Foley and Cyn meet when she comes into the body shop he works in to yell about the cars that are making business where she works a little difficult. Right away Foley is attracted to her fiery character and wants to know more about her, but Cyn is off men since her last relationship didn’t work out. Foley refuses to give up on the beautiful and sassy Cyn but there are deeper issues at work and if they both can deal with them they might just have the happily ever after they deserve.


I found Roadside Assistance to be a deeply refreshing read. Harte did a great job with not only the character descriptions but also covering the subject of emotional abuse. From the moment Cyn was introduced you could see that her self-confidence issues went deeper even though she acted like she was fine. I really loved how unsure she was with Foley even though she was confident in everything else. Foley was a dream boat and really liked Cyn the way she was. Sure he said things at times that made her a bit uncomfortable but he had good intentions and I think she really needed him in her life. While both of the main characters took center stage I enjoyed Cyn’s sister-in-law a lot. She was funny and was there for Cyn when she really needed her.


Guess what Harte fans? It looks like there will be another spin off series coming our way! There is an understory in the works in Roadside Assistance that has do with both the McCauley series and The Body Shop Bad Boys series. I, for one can’t wait! Harte’s writing just has a way of taking you out of your head and dropping you into someone else’s. While each story is always different it keeps the same loveable characters who keep reappearing which makes me want to start reading the very first book where it all began. Trust me you won’t want to miss a single book in this hot, new and exciting series that follows rough hard working mechanics who fall hard.

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