ROCK COURTSHIP by Nalini Singh

ROCK COURTSHIP by Nalini Singh
Rock Courtship
by Nalini Singh

Series: Rock Kiss Novella #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

David Rivera is the drummer of the rock band Schoolboy Choir.  He is also known as the “Gentleman of Rock” because of his smooth moves and how he dresses.  Both of these facts mean that women flock to be seen with him, and yet there is only one woman that David wants—Thea.  David believes that he will always long for the one woman he can’t have after being so strongly struck down the one time he got the nerve to ask Thea out.  But just recently, he was given what might be the key to not only getting Thea’s attention but maybe a way into her heart.  Thus is the beginning of his romance via proper memos via email while on a tour.


Thea Arsana is the publicist for many high profile acts, and she has worked hard to be one of the top entertainment publicists.  But when David asked her out, that set-down had been the hardest she had ever done because everything about David cried out to her.  Past disappointments have put Thea off any form of romance and dating, thinking it is better to be lonely than broken-hearted once again, and she is truthfully scared to put her heart and emotions out there.  However, from the moment she opens up the first memo sent by David, Thea knows this struggle has just begun.  David has found the one thing to romance that Thea is hopeless to ignore—her head and intelligence.  So, of course, after re-reading the formal memo, Thea must answer with her counter arguments.  Thus starts the other half of the romance via email while her heart melts as the memos get hotter and hotter.


Take a sexy publicist set against romance and add in a determined rock star drummer known as a gentleman and toss in several emailed memos laying down the reasons for and against their romance and you have Rock Courtship.  I absolutely loved the courtship between David and Thea and couldn’t believe just how hot formal memos could be.  I could understand why Thea was afraid to risk any type of romance once her backstory came out.  David, I found irresistible in how he knew that Thea was the one for him and set out to show her just why, even in such a unique way.  I really enjoyed watching as their courtship got so deep and personal while they were miles away from each other and how fast the heat rose once they came face to face.  I was so happy that when Thea’s one fear seemed to occur, she and David found a way to discover the truth and actually deepen their love for each other.  I will never be able to look at a memo the same way again after seeing the many uses they can be put towards.  Rock Courtship is simply an outstanding story of a unique romance in the modern world of the Internet and emails in the sometimes harsh world of rock and roll.

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