ROCK HARD by Nalini Singh

ROCK HARD by Nalini Singh
Rock Hard
by Nalini Singh

Series: Rock Kiss #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Charlotte Baird was always very shy, but she was feisty when needed. After a viscous attack in a place that she should have been safe, now she is shy and scared. In fact, Charlotte has nick-named herself “Charlie-Mouse.” Because even the thought of having to interview for a new job can give Charlie hives, she has allowed herself to be taken advantage of at work. Charlie’s normal day at work could get even more interesting, as new CEO is coming, and he is known for taking no prisoners.


Gabriel Bishop was known as “the Bishop” on the rugby field and as one tough competitor. When an injury took Gabriel off the field, he walked into his second love—bringing companies back from the brink of ruin. The challenge of turning a shrinking business around and making it profitable gives Gabriel the same type of rush that racing down the rugby field did. Gabriel is once again stepping in to help an established and world renowned business to take its place back in the world of elite retail shopping.


To say that when Gabriel and Charlie first met it was all but a disaster might not be strong enough. But Gabriel has always used the assets he finds to their best advantage, and Charlotte is definitely an asset for the company. Now, if he can only find a way to bring out the feisty woman he sees in her eyes when they are together instead of the timid and scared mouse, they will be an unbeatable team. Charlie doesn’t care what Gabriel’s nickname might have been before, but she has the perfect one for him now—T-Rex. As the months go by, it’s a fun loving battle between a Charlie-Mouse vs. T-Rex. It’s one that is peppered with passion as respect turns into friendship and that turns into feelings that cannot be denied. When Charlie is once again threatened by a nightmare from her past, Gabriel is going to show just why he was so good on the rugby field, and this is one T-Rex that knows how to protect those he loves.


When a quiet and timid woman with a core of feistiness meets a man known to chew up and spit out incompetents, the outcome is a book you just can’t put down.  Charlotte and Gabriel have quite a journey that will encompass everything from a shaky first meeting to friendly workmates to a romance that rocks both of their worlds in Rock Hard. I just can’t tell you how many times I laughed and cheered both Charlie and Gabriel on while I watched their relationship progress. I also really loved the chapter titles that showed up, because then I couldn’t wait to see how the title was reflected in the chapter itself. But mostly, I felt for Gabriel as he helped Charlie regain the parts of herself that had been lost to violence. Charlie’s inner strength and determination will totally have you cheering for her to kick butt on her fears and grasp every element of the love between herself and Gabriel. Rock Hard is a wonderful story about beating the odds with an adorable couple that I just want to hug now that they have it all. Before reading about Gabriel and Charlie, I only wanted to see the rest of the band have their books, now I not only want that, but I also want to see Gabriel’s two single brothers find their happy endings too.

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