ROCK WEDDING by Nalini Singh

ROCK WEDDING by Nalini SinghRock Wedding by Nalini Singh
Series: Rock Kiss #4
Genres: Contemporary
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Sarah Smith was very young and pretty naïve when she fell in love and married the man of her dreams, or so she thought.  Sarah knew that Abe and the rock group he was in was moving up when she married Abe, but she never expected how the pressures and other trip-falls of that stardom would destroy all of her dreams.  Now, it’s several years later, and Sarah has learned the hard way that dreams really don’t always come true.  Strangely enough, just when Sarah needed someone to help her, it was Abe who stepped in.


Abe Bellamy is a member of Schoolboy Choir, a rock band that has been at the top of the charts for years now.  Abe has had to struggle with his demons while the band rose in fame and part of realizing he needed help was when he single-handedly destroyed his marriage with Sarah.  Abe knows he threw away one of the best things he ever had when he forced Sarah to leave him.  Abe has had time to be clean and sober, and it hurts more than ever as Abe relives those years with Sarah.


Abe is hoping that he might just have a chance to show Sarah that he has changed and become a better man, and maybe she would be willing to give him a second chance.  Sarah is more than wary when Abe is suddenly coming around, sending her thoughtful and heartwarming gifts and just being the man she once thought she had married.  As Abe learns about what Sarah has gone through in the years since their parting, he learns that she has overcome several things that would have put most people down.  When Sarah and Abe learn that she has become pregnant, the stakes are even higher for Sarah and Abe.  As the nine months pass, Sarah and Abe learn each other again and each discovers they have fallen back in love with the other.  The questions are, can Sarah trust Abe to be her future and that of their child’s enough to give them that golden future, or is it too late for them?


Young marriages in the glare of stardom rarely last long.  Sarah and Abe learned that all too well but maybe, just maybe, they have found a way for a second chance at the love and future they tried for so long ago in Rock Wedding.  I have to admit I always wondered just what destroyed Abe and Sarah’s marriage.  Learning just what happened had me hoping even harder that Sarah and Abe would win this time as I followed their ups and downs of rediscovering each other.  Several times I cheered for them and, of course, there were the times that I wanted to give them both a hug.  What I really loved was how the band members all did what they could to help out Sarah and Abe, including using their finances.


I loved watching Abe and Sarah not only fall in love again, but also their journey to becoming parents.  Another thing I loved was seeing all four weddings and how each wedding perfectly matched the couple involved.  Rock Wedding is an awesome second-chance-at-love story and more—it is the perfect way to the love and happiness for each member of Schoolboy Choir.  After I read this story, I actually had to start at the beginning and re-read the entire series from start to end.

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