ROCKY by Bianca D’Arc

ROCKY by Bianca D’Arc
by Bianca D'Arc

Series: The Others #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Paranormal
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Rocco (“Rocky”) Garibaldi is one of the most magical of the Were-shifters—a grizzly bear.  Rocky has worked hard both in his career and with the Were Lords in helping to keep all Others as safe as possible.  For the most part, Rocky has a great and fulfilling life.  But there is one thing that Rocky regrets and that is not having the one woman he loves—a childhood friend who married his best friend. Rocky moved away from his friends right after they married knowing he would not be able to see them daily and endure the ache.  Then, Rocky gets his most secret wish one night and more.


Maggie Hobson is nine-months pregnant and on the run from the people who killed her husband a few months ago. Now, despite being scared, constantly looking over her shoulder and about to give birth, Maggie turns to the one man she hopes will be able to protect her and her children.  Maggie grew up with two remarkable men and married one of them, now she is headed to the only other man she has loved.  Having promised her late husband she would go to Rocky right after she learned their secret, Maggie is now keeping that promise.


Rocky goes out to see who is in the car in his drive and receives the first of many, many shocks that night.  The first shock is Maggie is about to give birth to twins.  The second is that her husband, and his best friend, is dead, and the next shock is that she knows Rocky is a shifter.  Rocky helps Maggie that night and sets himself up as her and the twins’ protector, although he really wants a much more personal bond with Maggie and her boys.  Maggie is taking life one day at a time, and the first step is to gain her strength and take care of her newborn twins. It seems almost too easy for her to fall back in love with Rocky. After all, he was her second love in high school.  As each day passes, Maggie learns more about the Others and those who threaten them—Others who now include her boys. Maggie gives Rocky a leg up in defeating at least those who killed her husband when she turns over information from her husband just as a new deadly threat begins to threaten the new love and life that Maggie and Rocky are building. When it comes time for action, Maggie will learn the true strength in magic and love as the Others win the first of what might be a long skirmish with a very old enemy.


The Goddess is smiling as Rocky and Maggie are given a second chance to live a life of passion-filled adventure in Rocky.  My heart wanted to break with all that Maggie was forced to go through before she received so much in Rocky and her twin boys.  I loved how calm and focused Rocky was no matter what the situation was and no matter just how shaken he was.  I enjoyed watching as Maggie and Rocky journeyed along a path that could have torn them apart as easily as it bound them together.  The antics of the newly born twins had me laughing several times.  I truly hope that we get a chance to see them growing up as this series goes on.  I can already tell that while the first battle has happened, this is going to be one long and harsh war before it’s all over.  Rocky is packed full of suspense, passion, and the love of friends and family wrapped up in a book that has already become a re-read for me.

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