ROGUE SOUL by Linsey Hall

ROGUE SOUL by Linsey Hall
Rogue Soul
by Linsey Hall

Series: The Mythean Arcana #3
Published by Bonnie Doon Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Author


Andrasta (“Ana”) is the Celtic Goddess of Victory now, but once she was a human who was just a very good archer that came to the notice of the gods.  When she was given the choice of either killing the current God of Victory or dying herself or even watching her much loved brothers be killed, Ana agreed to kill a man she was coming to love.  She ended up in a worse hell known as the Otherworld, where the Celtic gods lived.


Camulos (“Cam”) knew he has escaped his fate when he was “killed” by Ana.  Since that fateful day so long ago, he has been working on helping humans, but keeping a very low profile, because after all, he was supposed to be dead.  However, Cam was not really surprised when Ana showed up in the Amazon to find him.  What he was surprised by was her request to help her find a way to escape the Otherworld.


Cam agrees to help Ana, but as their quest goes on, they find out that one of the only ways for Ana to escape is to be defeated by another who is a better archer than she is.  The only person to do that would be Cam, and there is no way he wants to take his old job back.  As Cam and Ana look for another way for her to get out, they are discovered by the other Celtic gods, and they are not happy that: 1. Ana left their home world, and 2. that Cam is still alive.  But even more interesting is that while trying to find a way for Ana to get out, they stumble upon why the Celtic home of the gods is so different from all of the other gods.  They are determined to right the horrible wrong that was done to the Celtic gods eons ago.  But when it’s all over, will Ana and Cam be able to find a way to escape the Otherworld and be able to live on Earth and experience just what their love will hold?


When the present and past Celtic Gods of Victory come together, it’s passion that holds them along with a need to escape the world where the Celtic gods live in Rogue Soul.  Ana never wanted to be more than accepted for what she was—a woman warrior like her brothers were.  Cam was born to be the Celtic God of Victory, yet when he learned of a woman who could possibly be a better archer than him, he never expected to be attracted to her.  I enjoyed watching as Ana and Cam not only fought their attraction, but also fought for a way for both of them to have a chance at love.  It was a long and twisty road, but one that not only gave them a future, but also allowed Ana and Cam to give the Celtic gods something that had been taken from them so long ago.  Righting a wrong has never been as spectacular as it was during that battle.  Rogue Soul is full of suspense and a love that almost wasn’t to be, but found a second chance and the best of all the redemption of a spiteful betrayal.

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