ROOKIE MOVE by Sarina Bowen

ROOKIE MOVE by Sarina Bowen
Rookie Move
by Sarina Bowen

Series: Brooklyn Bruisers #1
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Source: Publisher


I absolutely love sports romance stories. They could be about hockey, baseball or football and I can sit for hours and devour each and every one. When I saw that Sarina Bowen had a new hockey series coming out I knew I had to read it right away and I didn’t waste any time getting started.


In Rookie Move Bowen brings back together a couple that used to date. The feelings that she brings to these characters about seeing one another for the first time in years were out of this world. Leo has been brought to the Brooklyn Bruisers not only to help them gain new fans but to help them win a championship. On the day of his arrival there is a big press conference being held and he is about to come face to face with the woman he has never forgotten.


Georgia doesn’t just love hockey but she is the publicist for this growing team. When the team was looking for a new coach she suggested her father because he’s the right man for the job. Minutes before the press conference Georgia hears there is also a new player being added to the team and to her surprise it’s her ex Leo. How is she going to handle the press conference and coming face to face with him again? One step at time; after all she is a professional. When Leo declares her the love of his life in front of the press with live mics things are about to get very interesting and this is only the beginning.


Sarina Bowen brings a freshness to her characters that I just couldn’t get enough of. While Leo and Georgia had a past they still had so many feelings that were left unresolved and I couldn’t wait to see how Bowen would have them work it out. While Leo might be a player on the ice this isn’t the case off the ice. Right away I could see how seeing Georgia again got to him and we also get to see how it affected Leo when Georgia left him and boy did I feel sorry for him.


The development of the characters during the story grew and never went backwards. Bowen also has to drag up the past a few times before Leo and Georgia can even consider moving forward. Their story takes time and it was worth every moment to see the final outcome. I just loved these two. They had chemistry and a lot of swoon worthy moments. One moment that really stuck with me was when Leo traveled back into the past when things were going on in the present and him wanting to save Georgia this time around. I actually teared up because I could see how it was eating him alive that he wasn’t able to save her the first time.


The secondary characters were just as interesting and important as the main characters. I really liked the team and the bond they were building. There are a few funny banter moments that had me cracking up and if each of these players get their own books I will be as happy as a pig playing in the mud – they are just that awesome!


Rookie Move is a great start to the Brooklyn Bruisers series and I am excited to dig in deeper with the next installment.

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