Roped for Pleasure
by Lacey Thorn

Series: Pleasures #5
Published by Respendence Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Menage
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Tara went to the police academy and graduated with her friends River and Kat and between them they decided they would rather be private investigators than cops and they opened up Angel Investigations.  Now the three friends are all recovering from the shootout that finally brought down Detective Raymond Marino.  Tara is with Kat at the ranch owned by her brother Charlie.  Recovery would be a lot easier if Tara wasn’t so attracted to Charlie and his two best friends.


Charlie, Dasan and Sam all work on the ranch and all have been on their best behavior while Tara has been recovering – because all three of them would like nothing more than to show Tara exactly what they are feeling and have her in the middle of the three of them.  Sharing is nothing new for Charlie, Dasan and Sam and all three of them know that if Tara ever agreed to be with them, she would be the one that would complete them.  But for now they work at keeping Kat and Tara safe and without stress to recover.


Tara starts to get graphic text messages with crime scene pictures of not only Detective Raymond Marino but also of women.  Who is sending these horrible pictures to her and why?  Tara knows that Raymond is dead and can’t think of anyone else who would do this.  After receiving several of the pictures Tara talks to Kat and River. It is decided that one of them would go back to take care of their business and search for answers on who would send the pictures.  Tara took the advice from her best friends to act on the attraction she felt for Charlie, Dasan and Sam.  All four felt the passion and enjoyed the erotic night that followed, which led to days of discovery and talking as all four learned what they could have together.  When the men learn about the pictures and what the women were doing, they sent protection to Kat and worked on a safety net for Tara at the ranch.  The pictures are getting worse and the danger is coming much closer to them all. When Tara discovers just who is behind the messages and why, will her men be there to keep her safe or will their loving future become another casualty of a truly insane plan?


A recovering private investigator and three cowboys discover that not even danger can keep them from finding what their future would hold in Roped for Pleasure.  Charlie, Dasan and Sam had been highly attracted to Tara since they met her, although they hadn’t acted on it before she was hurt in a shootout.  Tara also felt that attraction and avoided it because there was no way she could pick just one, happily shocked describes her reaction when she learns that she doesn’t have to pick but can have all three.  Watching the men first love and then work to protect Tara showed just how far all four of them had traveled from passion to love in just a few days.  When Tara risked it all to protect her friends, I wasn’t surprised at all that those three cowboys were hot on her trail.  Roped for Pleasure takes three best friends and adds in the one woman who could make their hearts whole while being surrounded in deadly danger.

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