ROYAL BLOOD by Carol Lynne

ROYAL BLOOD by Carol Lynne
Royal Blood
by Carol Lynne

Series: Neo's Realm #4
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher


Centuries were spent ruling the Realm of Blessed Creatures and in all that time demi-god Spiro Manos never realized his brother’s pet jaguar Sema was his mate.  In all fairness no one could’ve guessed that the beautiful cat was actually the all powerful Nialo transformed by his mother, the goddess Gaia to protect him.


Months ago the bite of a vampire somehow allowed Nialo to begin remembering that he wasn’t simply a jaguar.  Knowing he is Spiro’s mate means nothing however if he is stuck in the form of a cat, unable to ever consummate their bond.


The current state of affairs cannot go on indefinitely between the mates with Spiro and Nialo pinning for each other and no way to join. Nialo seeks an audience with Gaia who offers a solution.  He must destroy his brother Morwyn, at one time his conjoined twin and the reason their mother changed him so long ago.  Confronting Morwyn he must travel to the underworld, Tartarus which is dangerous in itself.  To find love and bond he must destroy his other half, literally.


Author Carol Lynne shares an incredibly vivid imagination with readers in Royal Blood the fourth book in Neo’s RealmRoyal Blood triumphs with a rich blend of fantasy, drama and romance.  This world is filled with characters from Olympus as well as vampires, fae, and shifters.  There are no boundaries with these characters.  Excelling in pulse pounding action and adventure too, Royal Blood smartly weaves an indelible love story.  One caution, this series must be read in order to truly enjoy and understand.  Royal Blood neatly ties up the last major romance in Neo’s Realm to perfection.

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