ROYAL GUARDIAN by Jo TannahRoyal Guardian by Jo Tannah
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Genetically engineered Lando Garr and his companions Bradan and Adnah trained literally from birth to become Guardians.  The enhanced males will protect the royal line on the planet Oryon, starting with King Arzhur and his beloved son Prince Kallen.  Too many years of inbreeding within the royal family however have finally caught up with them.  The young prince is slowly dying and there’s nothing they can do about it.


On an assigned mission to save the inhabitants of a planet about to implode Lando digs up an egg of unknown origin.  Testing by Oryon scientists conclude the egg harmless, yet when Lando gifts the object to Prince Kallen something incredible happens.  A lizard like creature emerges and somehow bonds with the dying royal.


Prince Kallen and his symbiont Bobik are unlike anything they’ve dealt with.  As for Lando his one concern is for the prince who he’s cared for and loved since the beginning of time.  Their prince is no longer dying.  Others will need another way to destroy the future ruler of Oryon.


Compassion gives way to awe in the exciting new Rise of the Symbiont series beginning with Royal Guardian.  The foundation is laid for a fascinating, original science fiction tale with guardians, symbionts, and more.  Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish.  Royal Guardian has an emotional edge along with the drama and tender romance which keeps the reader invested in the story.  Looking forward to what happens next.

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