RUNAWAY VAMPIRE by Lynsay SandsRunaway Vampire by Lynsay Sands
Series: Argeneau #23
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Avon


Mary Winslow is a sixty-something widow making her normal annual trip from her home in Canada to the U.S. and back again.  This is the first time she has made this trip without her husband of many years.  Mary is on the last segment of her trip and just thinking of making it to the campground she normally stops at on this route when her RV is rocked by hitting something—a something that turns into a someone.


Dante Notte is a vampire on the run from kidnappers who had taken his twin and himself.  After days of capture and torture, Dante was able to escape, but circumstances made it so only Dante could get out and run for help before his brother disappeared by the “doctors” who had captured them.  What Dante didn’t expect was to run into a RV and to be knocked out or that the woman driving would turn out to be his mate.


Mary knows that something is off with Dante once she gets him into her RV and cleans him up, but she can’t figure out why she is so attracted to such a younger man.  That is not like her at all.  Dante figures out pretty quickly that Mary is his mate, but he is torn in two ways—one is wanting to just explore and show Mary what they can have as a life together and the second is to contact the Argeneaus and get a rescue party put together for his brother.  When Dante finally tells Mary not only what he is but how old he is, Mary has to make some very hard decisions on both of their futures, especially when learning about the restrictions that will be placed on her if she steps into that future with Dante.  Dante knows his family is behind him and will do everything possible to find and rescue his brother, but are they behind Mary being his mate or setting her up for a fall?


A woman in the second part of her life meets a sexy man, okay vampire, and sparks fly in Runaway Vampire.  I’ve heard of May/December relationships, but Mary and Dante’s was a very unusual one.  I could feel the pull that both Dante and Mary felt at the same time I watched as they both fought it at first, for every different reasons.  As I learned that Mary’s first marriage hadn’t been so good, I was really hoping that she and Dante could find a way for their mating to happen and give them that happy ever after.  At the same time, the suspense surrounding the capture of Dante and his twin kept me flipping the pages to see what clues would turn up next.  I have to admit that in a couple points I wasn’t sure if Dante’s family was trying to help him and Mary or find reasons why Mary couldn’t be accepted.  In the end, I learned even more about his interesting family the Argeneaus.  Of course, Dante and Mary were able to grab their golden ring.  Now to wait and see if Dante’s brother will have that same chance.  Runaway Vampire is full of second chances at love, suspense, and passion—a perfect trio.

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