SACRIFICING IT ALL by Ellen CrossSacrificing It All by Ellen Cross
Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #11
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by eXtasy Books

Prematurely ripped from his mother’s womb and raised by an evil shadowkin/Elf and his Mage disciples Toby has never known the simplest kindness in his life.  His only solace are the telepathic glimpses of the future and the whispers of contact with the guardians Toby manages to make.  Someday he will be saved.  Someday he will be granted peace within the arms of the angel Raziel, his mate.


The shadowkin Mages released a plague within the population of Preter before the guardians could stop them.  They are doing everything within their power to find a cure, but so far their attempts have proved unsuccessful.


The moment of freedom finally comes for Toby.  It is utter joy to be held by the angel fate decreed his own.  Unfortunately Toby is also aware of the price he will chose to pay in order to save everyone afflicted by the plague.  The choice is simple. The outcome bittersweet and final.


Sacrificing It All is the kickass ending to a wonderful series.  This story gives readers everything they’ve been waiting for in the climatic ending to the Preternatural Rescue Centre arc.  Author Ellen Cross writes a twisty, sexy, and suspenseful series which culminates in this heart wrenching, poignant end.  Raziel and Toby’s romance is exactly what fans are hoping to read.  The characters breathe life into each of their stories while the plotlines are always first rate. An absorbing, satisfying ending, Sacrificing It All neatly wraps up the tales of the guardians and the shadowkin.  Absolutely addictive fun.

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