SAINT RETURNS by Amber KellSaint Returns by Amber Kell
Series: The Thresl Chronicles #6
Genres: Gay, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound

Reviewed by Lisa

Betrayed by his brother Saint was condemned to centuries of life trapped under the ruins of the old palace.  Unable to free himself he spent his time honing his magical gifts and plotting his revenge.  At last Saint is liberated when King Vohne and King Mate Kreslan literally unearth him from his prison.


It is Saint’s claim that he is the true King, but his first priority is finding his reincarnated mate.  To that end he uses his gifts to travel the galaxy, most unaware that an invisible Thresl is onboard their ship.  Saint is relentless in tracking down his mate which leads him to Captain Marsley Jacks, a man bent on rescuing his Thresl brethren.  Mars’ mission takes up his entire existence.  He has no time for the complication of bonding or mates.  Long ago he loved a man but walked away.


Too bad as far as Saint is concerned.  He’s waited centuries so he can be patient, to a point.  Saint will have Mars by his side and his kingdom back.  It’s all simply a matter of planning and time.


Saint Returns loud and unforgiving.  The sixth book in The Thresl Chronicles series takes up plotline threads dropped along each previous story. Fans are going to love this one and with enough back story offered new readers will be hooked too.  Dominance and passion within Saint Returns circles and weaves throughout the book.  Enjoy every moment as the ancient seduces the captain in the wild courtship in Saint Returns.

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