SAINT’S GATE by Carla Neggers

SAINT’S GATE by Carla Neggers
Saint's Gate
by Carla Neggers

Series: Sharpe & Donovan #1
Genres: Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Emma Sharpe’s family has always been well known in the field of art criminals and crimes, but she went a slightly different way with her life.  Emma is an FBI agent in an elite group where her knowledge of art crimes is a major asset.  However, today another part of Emma’s past is about to meet up with her present.  Emma is answering a call for help from one of the sisters from Sisters of the Joyful Heart, a nunnery that specializes in art restoration and teaching, when death came calling.
Colin Donovan is home on a much needed vacation.  Colin is a deep undercover FBI agent who just finished a mission that took a lot out of him.  The last thing Colin needed was to be called from his vacation by two different friends about the same matter.  One an Irish priest who just heard about a nun who was killed and the other is Emma’s boss who is worried about what she might have fallen into.  Colin agrees to take a look at the situation and travels to Emma’s hometown and the nunnery.
When a sexy so called lobsterman suddenly appears around Emma, she knows he is much more than that.  Learning that Colin is also an FBI agent doesn’t surprise Emma or the knowledge that he knows her boss.  Colin might not know much about art or art crimes but he knows a lot about crimes in general and he knows that there is something strange about this murder.  As Colin and Emma come to terms on working this case, as not quite partners, they are also beginning to feel an attraction that neither is sure if they want it at this point in their lives.  Following the clues leads Emma and Colin into the past that involves both the nunnery and Emma’s family.  Answers are being discovered and danger seems to be following the sisters and Emma’s family.  If that isn’t enough, Emma and Colin are also dealing with an intense passion.  When the killer is found lives are on the line and it will take all the moves and knowledge that Emma and Colin have to make sure that when morning breaks everyone will be there to see it. 
It takes missing art, nuns, a priest and a killer to bring two FBI agents together in Saint’s Gate. While their meeting was a bit unusual, I loved watching Emma and Colin circle each other and work on finding a killer.  I could see why both Emma and Colin thought that now just wasn’t a good time to begin a relationship, but when fate brings your match sometimes you just have to work with what you have.  The suspense was very intriguing and well done from beginning to the end.  I didn’t figure out the killer until just before their identity was revealed.  I enjoyed watching Colin come to terms with Emma’s past while falling in love with her just as I loved watching Emma fall for Colin even knowing his job could take him away at any time.  While the suspense is the focal point, I could follow loves path as it brought Emma and Colin together.  Saint’s Gate is a spine tingling suspense with just the right touch of romance to bring a sigh by the last page.  I personally will be watching and waiting for the next book that will take Emma and Colin further on their romantic path.

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