SALT AND IRON by Tam MacNeil

SALT AND IRON by Tam MacNeilSalt and Iron by Tam MacNeil
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The van Helsing family name is world famous for fighting and defeating all kinds of monsters.  They are called upon when Sidhe or demons or magic users are terrorizing humans.  Youngest sibling James van Helsing however is best known as a screw up or a drunk to those who know him.  For James it’s hard enough to try to measure up to his big brother Abe.  What makes his life so difficult is the secret he’s been hiding his entire life.  He has magical abilities which would brand him a traitor to his family name, not to mention send him to a dark cell or worse.


Not only has James spent his life hiding his cursed talents, but he’s also in love with Gabe Marquez.  The Marquez family has a long history of working alongside the van Helsings in their battle against the dark.  His feelings for Gabe are another secret James must hide because no one would accept a relationship between them even if Gabe was willing.  Best friends are the most he can hope for.


Constantly drinking himself stupid has consequences.  James is benched from a mission to empty an abandoned warehouse of magical users.  Hearing that the mission has gone to hell James is faced with a monumental decision.  To openly use his gifts may be the only way to save the day, to save Gabe.


Salt and Iron brings the famous literary name to life with a fantastical story.  James is being eaten apart by something he was born with and his feelings for another man.  The drunk is faced with finding his strength when everything is darkest.  Awful things happen in Salt and Iron, which leans towards the horror genre at times.  Also the romance aspect of the story is primarily in James’ head until the climactic end.  This intense character driven tale is more of a singular emotional journey than a true love story.

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