SAMURAI GAME by Christine Feehan

SAMURAI GAME by Christine Feehan
Samurai Game
by Christine Feehan

Series: Ghost Walkers #10
Published by Jove Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Azami Yoshiie has lived her life in the way of the Samurai. She was thrown away as a child and rescued by the man who would become her father and teach her how to use her talents. Now Azami and her brothers run a highly successful international satellite company. This is what brings her to the Ghostwalker compound. But she has an alternative agenda as well. Azami seeks revenge on the man that threw her away and she’s anxious to know if the Ghostwalkers are allies.

Sam “Knight” Johnson is about to be used as a pawn in a game he knows nothing about. He is a Ghostwalker and his loyalty lies with his fellow Ghostwalkers and he will do anything to protect them. When the Yoshiies come to the Ghostwalker compound to install a satellite, Sam plans to figure out their agenda but he is caught off guard by the intense attraction he feels towards Azami Yoshiie. However, he doesn’t have time to assess the situation as they come under attack. Will battle bring two tortured souls together, or take away their chance at love?

Samurai Game is spectacularly sexy and molded with a great suspense plot. The action is absolutely A+ in Samurai Game. Christine Feehan gives her readers the perfect combination of exciting plotlines and fiery characters. The amount of emotion that Azami and Sam harbor is potent. Both characters are wildly independent and fierce warriors. Within five minutes of meeting each other they are forced to become a team to survive. These scenes are amazingly visual and masterfully written but Ms. Feehan. This may be the tenth title in the Ghostwalker series but it felt like the first with its thrilling characters and fresh plotlines. I can’t wait to read the next Ghostwalker book!

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